6 Quick Tips on How to Use AI Tools Safely

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have been the talk of the internet since regaining popularity in 2022. While it’s been around long before that, it appears to have a more significant impact today, with several new tools emerging and constantly evolving. 

As AI permeates many aspects of our lives, from work and school to social media, ensuring its safe and ethical use becomes important. Learn how to maximize the benefits of AI and AI tools while minimizing potential risks – here are our tips on how to use AI tools safely: 


1 Understand How It Works 

Before you start using AI applications, it’s good practice to first learn how they work. AI refers to machines’ ability to simulate human intelligence, performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI helps users make informed decisions about its use. 

You can find lots of resources online to learn more about this, from YouTube videos to online courses. 


2 Read the Privacy Policy 

One of the foremost concerns with AI is data privacy and security. Before entrusting your data to AI, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions and/or the privacy policy. Nobody actually reads those (we know!), but if you’re concerned about your safety, you might want to take a scan. Remember, AI relies on data to function, and that data comes from its users. 


3 Keep Your Info Private 

Be mindful of sharing your personal information on AI-powered applications or websites, like your home address and birthday. A good rule of thumb is to treat AI as a stranger – what things about yourself would you not want to share with someone you don’t know? 


4 Don’t Use AI as Your Main Source 

Information provided by AI tools is not always reliable and up to date. Thus, using AI as your primary source of information isn’t recommended. Additionally, there’s also a high risk of bias as it could’ve learned from data that might already have unfair views or assumptions. Although AI can be helpful, it’s essential to take note of its limitations. 


5 Regularly Update Your Software 

Make it a habit to keep your software updated. Software updates often include important security patches that protect your devices and data from potential threats. By regularly updating your device and apps (especially AI tools), you ensure that your defenses are up against cyber risks. 


6 Stay Informed 

The field of AI is constantly changing. Stay current on the latest trends so you can make informed decisions about how you use it. Follow tech news to stay informed about new AI technologies, ethical considerations, and best practices. 


AI has come a long way with its helpful tools that have made a huge impact on society. Despite all its good use, users still need to take precautionary measures to ensure safe use of AI tools. By following these quick tips, you can let AI enhance your life while making sure it does not harm you. 

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